Speaking Topics

Holly speaks candidly on several topics close to her heart. She is down to
earth about  revealing her lifestyle of home learning, along with how she deals with
dirty floors, dishes and real life living. She invites you into her family's life in order
 to inspire you to enjoy yours.

Each topic can be tailored to your specific audience whether it is a general audience,
women's group, and mixed groups that are not solely home-school families.

Nurturing the Talent and Passion in Your Children

Holly's passion is to help you find and use your children's God-given talents
and skills to help them succeed in their education and beyond. What skills do
you see emerging? What if you don't see any at all? Holly shares her personal 
story of how she was led to embrace non-traditional education for her son and use
 his skills and  passions to teach. This method changed their family's dynamics and
 put them on a path they never expected. Holly will help you look at your family life 
and find sparks and glimmers of skills that can motivate your children 
beyond paper and pen.
(A specific version for special needs is available)

The Learning Lifestyle Revival

Early in her home-school journey, Holly struggles with traditional learning. 
In the search for the perfect curriculum, Holly discovered the secret in the
 success of pioneering home-school families. They weaved daily life and the 
rhythm of nature into teaching their children. They used their community events 
and natural resources as their day planner. Join Holly as she shares with you how 
to start a learning lifestyle revival in your home. She will show you how to use 
your family's interests to educate and how real life skills can blend with real 
world opportunities to provide purposeful, natural learning for your children.

How to Find the Joy in Your Journey

Homeschooling can be a challenge in itself, but add in family, marriage, learning
challenges and laundry and the joy in our days can disappear fast. Follow Holly's
journey as she shares her funny and real stories of how God has helped her find 
joy in the messy days time and again when she was full of despair. Her stories
 will ring true with yours as she shares how to find your joy in this journey of the 
never ending dirty floors and piles of laundry.

Break Free and Teach your Kids with Wild Abandon

Have you ever noticed that children are fearless in their curiosity? Their wonder 
of the world inspires their daily pursuits. Many times as adults, the fearless turns 
to fear of failure, not measuring up and falling behind. Our wonder turns to 
insecurity because we believe we are not pin-worthy or social enough in this 
trendy world. Join Holly in her pursuit to break free, keep her family close in 
what matters most, and stay on the narrow path of God's design for 
education with wild abandon.

Discover your Potential as a Special Needs Parent

Sometimes we feel unequipped to meet the challenges of our children. Busy
schedules, endless therapy appointments, lessons to plan and accommodations
to make. Share in Holly's journey as she reveals how God had been preparing
her since childhood to face the challenges he had planned such as infertility
and a heartbreaking diagnosis. How difficult times arose when she was not
walking in faith, and how God continually shows her the way. Holly will 
encourage and inspire you to see how you have been prepared all along for 
this journey. Discover your potential as parents and uncover the path for
your family to grow successfully together.

Restoring the Weary Mom

Balancing lessons, schedules, discipline, chores and your marriage can
take your breath away. Over the years it can extinguish your true self,
who you are, what you love, the gifts God has placed in you. Soon you do
not recognize the woman in the mirror. Come learn from Holly's mistakes
as she shares the importance of finding your place in this season of life.
She will help you see that giving grace to yourself will actually nurture
your family and feed their soul. Find your breath and balance in your
role a wife, mother and educator, while keeping your authentic self intact.

Crafting a Home-Based/Home-School Business
as a Family Curriculum

Does your family have an entrepreneurial spirit? Have you or your children 
designed a handicraft or product you want to sell? There are incredible 
benefits in teaching your children valuable life skills learned through the
process of building a business. Everyone in the family can find a role to play
in developing a product and bring to market. Come learn how to craft your own
business from a simple farmer's market item to real online store. The
possibilities are endless and the real world education your children will
discover can spark opportunities for the whole family.